Sorbent Booms

Sorbent Booms


L & M Supply manufactures high quality Oil Absorbent Booms to assist in oil spill abatement and clean up. Our close proximity to the affected areas of the Gulf of Mexico and high capacity production capabilities makes L & M Supply Texas the place for quick turnaround and affordable solutions!


Our Absorbent Booms are manufactured using Cotton by-products produced during ginning known as Cotton Gin Residue (CGR). This product has been proven to be extremely effective in absorbing oil. The CGR is augured into polyester tube shaped netting to form the Boom.

Oil Booms skim oil from water contaminated with hydrocarbons, these Oil Booms keep absorbing until fully saturated.

The oil absorbent booms come in a bright white color to make it easy to see when they are completely fully saturated. With this feature you save money by not replacing the boom too soon.

The booms are available in  8″ diameters and 10 foot or 20 foot lengths.

We also manufacture booms using two other well known natural oil absorbing materials: Straw and Excelsior Wood Fiber

Only polyester netting is used in our boom construction which gives greater UV resistance and elasticity than HDPE or polypropylene netting. Our booms are filled with just the right amount of material to allow maximum absorption in the quickest time possible. They have no voids. Booms float high in the water when first applied then as they reach maximum absorption, they slowly descends allowing new and fresh contact with the hydrocarbon material being removed from the water. Booms do not fully sink. When saturated, they have no unused core. When maximum absorption is obtained, absorbent booms remain right at the surface for easy retrieval.



L & M Supply Texas manufactures Oil Absorbent Booms to assist in

Oil Spill abatement and clean up.

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According to The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers:

“Environmental degradation caused by the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico can be greatly reduced by using natural products, such as cotton, in lieu of synthetics to absorb and recover oil from the ocean. Cotton and many cotton byproducts are much more efficient than synthetics in absorbing oil. Agricultural engineers reported in 1994 that cotton fiber can absorb about 40 times its weight in oil, as compared to synthetics that currently absorb 10 to 20 times their weight. The oil absorbed by cotton along with the cotton itself will degrade naturally in the environment, which is not the case for synthetics. Additionally, cotton fiber and its fibrous byproducts can be reused to absorb additional oil.”

Use of Cotton and Cotton By-products for Oil Spill Remediation

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Ag Engineers Endorse Cotton for Oil Spill

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NOAA’s Oil Spill Response

Using Boom in Response to Oil Spills


Please note that pricing and availability on sorbent product is currently subject to change due to the high demand in response to the Gulf Coast oil spill.

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