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Woven & Nonwoven geotextiles, erosion control Blankets, Wattles, compost Silt Socks, weed control products.Since 1994 industry professionals have turned to L & M Supply. With locations nationwide, L & M Supply  is one of the nations largest suppliers of quality Geotextile Fabrics, Silt Fence, Metal T-Post, Wood Oak Stakes, Weed Control Fabrics and Erosion Control Blankets and Wattles. Our products have a variety of commercial, civil and Oil Field applications that range from silt retention to flood & erosion control. We offer  Woven & Non Woven Polypropylene Geotextile fabrics, Monofilaments, Composites and High Strength Materials for stabilization, filtration (filter fabric) and separation with several weights and custom widths available. We manufacture affordable Dewatering Bags or Filter Bags in 15′ X 15′, 10′ X 15′ and 5 X 6′ as well as custom sizes. In addition, we stock one of the largest inventories of High UV 14.5″ X 26″ poly Sandbags, Burlap Rolls & Bales, Heavy Duty Orange Diamond Safety Fence and Orange Plastic Safety Fence in the USA. L & M Supply is the Nation’s premier Erosion Control Blanket and Wattle manufacturers. Under the trade name “US Erosion Control Products“, and with manufacturing facilities nationwide, we have set ourselves apart from the rest with quality, services and affordability! Each week we produce over 6,000 8′ and 16′ Single & Double Net Straw Blankets, Excelsior Blankets, 100% Coconut Blankets, 70/30 Straw/Coconut Blankets & Permanent Blankets (TRMs). In addition, each week we produce truckloads of 9″, 12″ & 20″ Erosion Control Logs, known as Erosion Control Wattles. We produce the most cost effective Silt Snake Compost Filter Socks, (also known as Silt Snake) in the industry, Straw Wattles, Soil Trax wood Fiber Coir LogsExcelsior Wattles, Coconut Wattles, Coir Logs& GEO Wattles.

L & M Supply is one of the predominant manufacturers of Landscape Fabric/Weed Barrier fabric Sod Staples in the USA. We have the capacity to produce several truckloads both products per week at the most affordable pricing in the industry! Landscape Fabrics include: 3.5oz Superior Spunbond, Woven Needle Punch 4.1oz Restrictor & 4.8oz Restrictor (equal to Dewitt Pro5) & Woven Nursery Ground Cover. Sod Staples are available in following sizes: 4″ X 1″ X 4″,6″ X 1″ X 6″, 8″ X 1″ X 8″, 10″ X 1″ X 10″ & 12″ X 1″ 12″.

Make L & M Supply your choice for Geotextiles, Silt Fence, Landscaping and Erosion Control Products and Supplies. Call 512-638-2898 today and ask for Internet Sales!


L and M Supply Products

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L and M Supply is the place to turn for affordable

Staked and Floating Turbidity Barriers.

We offer Type 1 DOT , Type 2 DOT and Type 3 DOT Floating Turbidity Barriers with Nationwide Shipping and Quick Turnaround.

We will not be undersold!

Our Tenax MS 220 and MS 330 Geogrids & SYNTEC SBX 11 & SBX 12
Geogrids are affordable alternatives and a functionally equivalent equal to Tensar BX1100 & BX1200.

Geogrid is in stock and ready to ship!

Distributor inquiries welcome. Contact us today to learn more.

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